Beautiful moments at Kempinski Soma Bay.

So you all know by now how much I’m in love with Kempinski Chain…
They caught my heart with their sweetness and professional customer service level;

Following my passion for travel, I went to Soma Bay with my dream team to experience, explore and have some fun and what place would fulfill our needs better than Kempinski Soma Bay,


From the first moment we lived the Kempinski experience, with lots of pampering, care and smiles… Their friendly staff members were doing their best to make our stay a memorable one, and they really did a great job…

The rooms are spacious, clean and equipped to cover all guests’ needs with an amazing view… We had such a beautiful breakfast to boost the day, always happy when being surrounded by colorful food, beautiful flowers and a sea view…


The resort is an amazing piece of art, with lots of activities and facilities to give their guests the most pleasant stay… Part of the experience at Kempinski Soma is the Camel Ride, and of course I couldn’t miss it, so I met Antar the Camel…

Through the few days we spent there, we tested their best selection of drinks and food, we would strongly recommend their chef’s special dish (Sangari Fish) and the amazing cocktail (Sparkling Mojito)


If your really

wanna spend some quality time and be treated like a king or a queen, Kempinski Soma Bay is your destination for “royality treatment”…


Stylist and Art Director: Dalia Naguib

Photographer: Ragy Shoukry

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