Cute Doll!

So every time people see me they think I’m this delicate, fragile and CUTE DOLL!!

(My friends will be laughing now)

I have two brothers!

Of course part of me is very feminine because of my GiGi, my Mom;

she was and still keen on pushing me to be always a LADY no matter how hard I resist…

So I’m part girl because of GiGi and a boy because of my two Kembesh’s

but honestly it’s fun to be one the boys for a while…

My brothers and me are a pack and we always got each others back 

Thank God.

Living with them in an aggressive mood sometimes; 

I can’t count how many punches I took through their Karate training!! 

It’s hard but fun, different talks and laughs,


It’s like another world you can step in and out from, but it surely leaves its traces in you.

You toughen up, you laugh easily, you act a Little boyish even what you wear is sometimes inspired by them.

All the dresses you could have to bring your feminine side suddenly disappear and all I see it’s time to be free.

So i wore this colorful breezy Top from Tommy Hilfiger who else would show your boyish side in a playful way!

also this cute mule which captured me since the first moment i laid my eyes on it one pair a red star and the other one is a dark blue cute teddy bear Tommy Style,

and this comfy beige pants from Old Navy which i consider my favorite now.



My First FannyPack as a grownup!

So happy to start with this one.

Nana handmade designs.

Love the design the finishing and how awesome is this shade of blue!

A beautiful piece, it’s very Cool and Vibrant also very practical, you can put your Makeup, IPhone, ID and cards and your keys.

Their variety of colors make them suitable for any outfit.

It’s a handmade and a MustHave this summer.



Movibile Cases new idea to Accessorize my IPhone YAY!

Loving this pocket, I put everything in it already, Money, ID and Cards.

It’s very practical when you’re wearing a FannyPack or a clutch or even going out with just your Mobile.

Let me tell you something; it’s liberating.

and did you see the Pink Plane on my Pocket!


By: Abdalla Photography




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