My Fairytale

A Haven, a magical place in the heart of Cairo,

In my childhood, I was a big fan of Disney world, with its magic, its colors and its ambiance. Who else didn’t watch the Disney movies and had a dream of living in such a magical world?!!!

The fairytale world, listening to the birds’ songs while the river is cutting its way through trees, flowers and plants, feeling like you want to dance and sing and be part of this magical melody.

Photos by @willy_vision 
Dress @stefaniagulina 
Make-up @monamassoudazab

I had this dream for years, till one day the dream became reality.

I found it!!! that magical place that makes you want to sing and dance, that orchestra from Disney world, birds singing, wind blowing in the trees making wonderful melodies and the river Nile cutting its way through the greenery.

A place to hide, a place to play, somewhere to start new stories and new fairytales a big dose of inspiration and imagination in every single corner in this place.

Photos by @yousseffkamel @demyanarezk
Dress @stefaniagulina
Make-up @monamassoudazab

I think I felt like a princess in different stories not only one!

Is this really the place I was looking for!

Am I going to find my fairytale here? 

How calming and how beautiful, I can see doves flying around me and ohhh, I had so much fun playing with them.

That old boat, how I thought about pushing it into the river and start my new journey to a new world, like its anything impossible here…

Photos by @willy_vision 
Dress @vivian.moawad 
Make-up @monamassoudazab

This place is a haven and the most beautiful thing in it, the beautiful people who run it, their energy, their love and dedication is admirable and you can feel it in every corner!

Photos by @yousseffkamel @demyanarezk
Dress @vivian.moawad
Make-up @monamassoudazab

I had the chance to spend a day in the fairyland of Haven and lived for a while my dream.

My childhood dream.

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