What do I like about Cairo?

Sounds as an easy question, but it’s not…

Think about it, what do you like about the city where you spent almost your whole life in?

You definitely will get confused or just you will reply “everything”


For me, I was lucky to see lots of cities and places around the world, but Cairo has a very special place in my heart.

“That mix of cultures, people, eras and civilizations that you can find in one place like an orchestra with different instruments from around the globe playing a melody of love, peace and art.”


A city with lots of contradictions, but yet you fall in love with it on first sight… the city that never sleeps, the crowded and noisy through all day long but from late night till dawn it is peaceful and calm…the fast pace of city life pushes you to go into circles being busy all day and night and you miss seeing its real beauty.


“One of my favorite places in Cairo is the Downtown”

with its busy and crowded streets, but if you just stop for a moment and look around, you will see the hidden beauty, the beautiful old buildings with lots of artistic details where each and every single detail tells a story of an era or a civilization that passed through these streets… 


“So, I decided to stop for a moment, take a breath and look around and I found the most beautiful locations to take some lovely artistic photos to share with you the beauty of downtown Cairo.”


This wouldn’t be perfect without a look from the era I always felt that I belong to, the 60s, with a Dolce and Gabbana dress that comes out straight from this era!

“the era that I had the chance to travel with the time machine on an unforgettable journey in my Tv Series “Ekhtefa / Disappearance”

I get to taste for a while the beauty of this era with its art and amazing lifestyle, and I felt it in every corner around me, the paintings, the decorations, the furniture and the clothing…

This amazing photoshoot would never see the light without the efforts of the talentend photographer Abdallah, who picked the place and time and when I showed him the D&G dress I chose he said “that’s it”… and we got the perfect shoot now… then he worked his magic and voila!!!

Dress @Dolcegabbana

Necklace @lalabysz

Photogrpher @abdallaphotography


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