In Love With Egypt في عشق مصر

Egypt has always been a touristic destination known to the world, except for Egyptians, and despite the many incredible destinations in Egypt, there are still many that are hidden, and so we decided to launch a campaign for the Hidden Teasures in Egypt. Our hashtag is #في_عشق_مصر. Our first destination was El Fayoum?!! Yes, not … Continue reading In Love With Egypt في عشق مصر

L’Oréal Makeup Review

So this post is out of love of L’Oréal!I got this package from @lorealparis@lorealegypt_ one day before traveling ( Thank you @skypressagency for your perfect timing ) so I decided to use them in all the shoots! I’m so impressed!!! ✺L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation✺ ☞ Gives great coverage and a natural, second-skin finish.It's lightweight, Matte … Continue reading L’Oréal Makeup Review

The Galaxy in her eyes

We always hide pain and sadness and show happiness and laughter. It’s easier to just pretend to be happy! Maybe you’ll be really happy but in the end our pain still here, our sadness grow and no matter what we do to hide it you can always catch a glimpse in the eyes. And that's … Continue reading The Galaxy in her eyes

Did you try PRP Facial before?

I can’t believe how my skin feels and looks fresh and plump after microneedling with PRP! It gave me a firmer skin and a glowy complexion, my skin is definitely more even and radiant. I can go out now with a concealer only under my eyes which is a revelation. PRP facial is a new … Continue reading Did you try PRP Facial before?


What do I like about Cairo? Sounds as an easy question, but it’s not… Think about it, what do you like about the city where you spent almost your whole life in? You definitely will get confused or just you will reply “everything”   For me, I was lucky to see lots of cities and … Continue reading Cairo

Saskia’s Products Review

As you all know, I am a big fan of all natural care products, today I decided to share with you my experience with @saskia_hair_skin Ready... Here we go. Saskia shower-gel; What is unique about this specific product is that it is super fresh, clean and I like the lemongrass fragrance, it’s very relaxing and … Continue reading Saskia’s Products Review

Joviality’s Products Review

Can’t tell you enough about this box of goodies, I am so overwhelmed... As you all know, I’m all in for natural products and a big fan of this brand Joviality Egypt for what it represents. The first wonder in the box is the lip balm, it is my favorite on the go item and … Continue reading Joviality’s Products Review

My Fairytale

A Haven, a magical place in the heart of Cairo, In my childhood, I was a big fan of Disney world, with its magic, its colors and its ambiance. Who else didn’t watch the Disney movies and had a dream of living in such a magical world?!!! The fairytale world, listening to the birds’ songs … Continue reading My Fairytale

Flowers and Me

Since my childhood, I always loved flowers, they attracted me with their beautiful colours and adorable sweet scent. They have that magical effect on people, they can bring happiness, joy and love to anyone surrounding them. I remember back in school, I used to walk every day for a year from school to this beautiful … Continue reading Flowers and Me

Cute Doll!

So every time people see me they think I’m this delicate, fragile and CUTE DOLL!! (My friends will be laughing now) I have two brothers! Of course part of me is very feminine because of my GiGi, my Mom; she was and still keen on pushing me to be always a LADY no matter how … Continue reading Cute Doll!

Wonderful Time

My little brother Ashraf Elkembeshawy is such a talented photographer, i keep telling him this but he won’t believe me!! 
Every time we go out together, we have such a wonderful time and part of the experience is to take some shots of me.
And I was really obsessed with this bunch of blue flowers.... So … Continue reading Wonderful Time

Beautiful moments at Kempinski Soma Bay.

So you all know by now how much I’m in love with Kempinski Chain... They caught my heart with their sweetness and professional customer service level; Following my passion for travel, I went to Soma Bay with my dream team to experience, explore and have some fun and what place would fulfill our needs better … Continue reading Beautiful moments at Kempinski Soma Bay.

Magic Shop

I was really in a bad mood tonight until I found this place... It cheered me up instantly... It’s like a MAGIC SHOP around the corner. Made me think of buying a Dream-Catcher... but I want it to be magical 💫 Any ideas?!

Forever Puff

In love with these foreverpuff @haphazard.egy The furry little balls is to die for, it turns any outfit to glamorous and sexy It’s made with love by the sweetest ever @heidinisr herself and when someone that dedicated, it really makes a huge difference, you can see it in every single detail of each product. She … Continue reading Forever Puff


Such a beautiful place @oldisheg  Loved everything about it... The location itself is really unique and artistic, the decor, the lighting and the old papers are the cherry on top🍒  It’s the perfect place to feel the downtown vibes❣️

Summer Days

Summer is Here and I love everything about it. Love the blue water whether it’s a sea 🌊or a pool, love the Sunshine☀️ and a cold drink 🍹 in a hot weather. Summer time always makes me happy 🐣     Top : Zara Skirt: H&M Earrings: Haphazard Sanadals: Spring Necklace: Glamour Jwelery


Keeping my skin fresh and glowing thanks to my LUNA even when I'm travelling! If you want to join the #FOREOfamily go to the link FOREO and use the code: 🌸INJYFAM20🌸 to get 20% off on LUNA mini 2 and LUNA 2  

The 60s

  I always had this feeling that I belong to a different era , and finally I got the chance to live it for a little while, my latest Ramadan series (Disappearance) with its thrilling story with flash backs from the 60s, and I was blessed to be one of the leading characters in the … Continue reading The 60s

OH Sunny Day 🌞

  When we were shooting at the beach Kempinski Soma offered us their signature drinks to taste and give our feedback so we decided to give our feedback our way🍹captured in every photo. Wearing this gorgeous dress by Dina Elmissiry and Jwelery by j2djewelry  Daliangeb Always  making a stunning magical look. Ragy Shoukry A Master of capturing … Continue reading OH Sunny Day 🌞