The Galaxy in her eyes

We always hide pain and sadness and show happiness and laughter. It’s easier to just pretend to be happy! Maybe you’ll be really happy but in the end our pain still here, our sadness grow and no matter what we do to hide it you can always catch a glimpse in the eyes. And that's … Continue reading The Galaxy in her eyes

My Fairytale

A Haven, a magical place in the heart of Cairo, In my childhood, I was a big fan of Disney world, with its magic, its colors and its ambiance. Who else didn’t watch the Disney movies and had a dream of living in such a magical world?!!! The fairytale world, listening to the birds’ songs … Continue reading My Fairytale

In the Tub

When your bestie @daliangeb put you in the tub 🛀 and make a Photo-Shoot out of it😁 Wearing this awesome watch by @beikandmoll  Shades: @byjazzy  Production: @joylandxo  Photography: @ragyshokry Styling/ Art direction: @daliangeb

For the love of Photography

  It’s not shooting time but Ragy can’t stay put... He loves to see everything through his lens and capture every moment💫 Wearing this Gorgeous Choker and bracelet by : Skakhaleel